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Olanzapine is used for short-term treatment of agitation caused by schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

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Is olanzapine a generic drug The use and abuse of olanzapine in children has been associated with seizures, hallucinations, and hallucinations seizures (primarily temporal lobe seizures), which can occur during adult drug use. It has been reported that children receiving doses of olanzapine greater than or equal to 25 mg/day may become mildly psychotic. Other side effects of olanzapine abuse have included hypokalemia, rhabdomyolysis, and seizures. Seizures Sudden loss of consciousness with seizure is an important indication for drug withdrawal in pediatric patients receiving olanzapine. The seizure must occur for an interval at least of 2 hours and it must be judged that the child will benefit from a withdrawal-based treatment plan (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY: Drug Withdrawal and Treatment of Delirium). Seizures associated with olanzapine were reported in three children and 10 with an olanzapine-related psychosis. Seizure onset was defined in one study as the first seizure after at least 25 mg/day generic brand for olanzapine oral dosing of an olanzapine drug. Ten events included seizures, while 17 were considered non-seizures. Seizures during or following olanzapine treatment of pediatric patients were reported in three pediatric patients (both sexes) and one adult. Two seizure-free children and one adult were excluded from the analysis due to incomplete or no data. In one adult, there were two episodes of seizures and both were considered during or following treatment with olanzapine. In one pediatric patient, there were three seizures and all considered during or following treatment with olanzapine. Symptoms The major characteristic of acute adverse reaction to olanzapine, including that listed above, is the sudden onset of seizure, particularly in children. Children have reported both milder and more severe seizure reactions (for example, convulsion, hyperventilation, hypotension). These reactions Orlistat buy online cheap can be severe, including seizure-induced myoclonus or hemiparesis. The following is a list of the common adverse reactions that have been reported in pediatric patients receiving olanzapine. Mild Seizures Decreased alertness or slowed activity Feeling hot, flushed, or flushed Increased thirst Change in coordination Decrease in mental alertness or decreased motivation to do school work Decreased bladder or bowel control Decreased appetite Disorienting (e.g., hypertonia, tremor, dysarthria, visual change) Difficulty with coordination Headache/migraine Hypotension Muscle tremors or stiffness Dizziness Nausea Sleepiness Muscle fatigue Mild Delirium Dilated pupils Aggression Insomnia Psychosis Severe Seizures Caused by: In one pediatric patient given greater than or equal to 50 mg/day, olanzapine caused cardiac arrest and was also reported in several adult patients receiving olanzapine for drug abuse. Elevated Plasma Concentrations of olanzapine For olanzapine to be effective in treating major depressive disorder children, plasma concentrations of olanzapine must be below 5.0 nmol/L. Elevations (above 15-fold above baseline) of olanzapine are reported in approximately 2% to 10% of patients treated with olanzapine. However, when plasma olanzapine concentrations are reported as being above the upper limit of normal range for olanzapine (15.0 nmol/L to 19.0 nmol/L), olanzapine appears have no positive therapeutic effect in pediatric patients with major depressive disorder. Therefore, plasma concentrations should be below 5.0 nmol/L before evaluating the safety, efficacy, or tolerability of olanzapine in children with major depressive disorder. Psychosis Psychotic symptoms, including mania, were reported in children treated with olanzapine. Drug Abuse and Dependence There are no published data on the use of olanzapine in children for the treatment of substance abuse. OVERDOSAGE Overdosage of olanzapine is dose-dependent. The clinical syndrome occurs when dose exceeds the plasma clearance. These symptoms include headache, agitation, tremor, coma, and respiratory depression. Concussions Severe CNS depression and coma have occurred in patients olanzapine price australia receiving olanzapine as an oral formulation for epilepsy. The incidence of these events is estimated to approximately 0.
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